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Dear ..

Thank you for your interest in our academy 


I'll answer your questions below 


①Could you please explain how to obtain a student visa? 

The Philippines requires a tourist visa and a Special Study Permit(SSP) Studying in Academy. Only formal school admission requires a student visa

フィリピンでは観光ビザとアカデミー留学特別就学許可証(SSP)が必要です。 正式な学校入学のみに学生ビザが必要です. 

②Can you provide the monthly tuition fees for the school? 

I'm sorry ,,I don't understand this question 


③Are there any dormitory facilities available? If so, could you please provide the monthly costs? 

We have dormitories and offer package rates that include tuition, dorm and food. 


④If possible, I would like to receive a brochure sent to my home address. Is this feasible? 

Please send us your email address so I will send our E brochure to you. 

E パンフレットをお送りしますので、メール アドレスをお送りください。 

⑤Is it possible to apply as an individual? 

Sorry, we are not accepted direct registration of students, Please contact our partner agent in Japan. 


⑥I would like to know the proportion of Japanese people. 

The proportion of Japanese nationals is about 15% from June to September and January to February. 

From March to May and September to December, the ratio of Japanese nationals is maintained at approximately 30-45%. 





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