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Iloilo City, Philippines is the third largest city in the Philippines. Since the 2015 Asian Working People’s Conference, we have been working on a steep urbanization project.

The outskirts of Iloilo City are similar to that of Korea in the 1990s, and the center is similar to that of Korea today. It was also named the eighth safest city in the Southeast Asia in 2019.

In the Philippines, there are around 33 universities and colleges stabilized in the heart of the city (truly a true educational city in the Philippines). As a result, we were able to provide a high level of English education.

During the training, there are many tourist spots to visit from neighboring areas (Guimaras Island, Boracay Island) and the Santa Barbara Golf Course which is known as Asia’s first golf course located in Iloilo City.

What is the security of Iloilo?
It’s a safe and livable city of love!

Iloilo City has this very soft and heartwarming atmosphere identified to be the City of Love. The Filipinos living in Iloilo are specifically known to be warm and friendly to foreigners compared to locals from other regions. In 2015, this city was voted to be one of the most livable city in the Philippines. Another fascinating feature of this city is the fact that there are no nightlife venues around which make it turn into a livable one.

In order to keep its reputation as an educational city, illegal activities are eliminated and unpursued. Therefore, the level of security is good and due to its location, the Philippines is a safe and quiet area immovable to some natural occurrences

< 5 Reasons why I recommend the Philippines >
  • Low tuition fee
  • Low cost of living compared to other countries
  • High quality language
  • Instructors
    withlong years of
  • Well-equipped dorm/living environment

The first is that students cry because they are disappointed with the city environment after arriving in this city,
and the second is because they don't want to go back home because they found out that it was a better city than they thought.
Currently, many cities have been developed and there is no longer any notion that they are disappointed by the poor surrounding,
although we can still hear that students don't want to go back here because of the few unexpected or unsatisfying sceneries in
this city.

We are in The City of Love, the city which is highly recommended for those who want to study and travel with foreign students.

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