4 strong pointer

innovation and advancement
hand in hand for a quality education

  • 01

    Our language school has the lowest cost compared to others

    With its long experience in living in this locality, we have always strived to create a high quality of services with minimal expenses, and we provide low training costs by reducing expenditures and unnecessary resources.

  • 02

    Our language school is made up of well-experienced and high skilled teachers.

    I’ve been working in the Philippines for more than 17 years, so I have already invested a lot of effort and time to recruit the most skillful instructors and have worked with them since I started.

  • 03

    It has been operating for more than 17 years as a single proprietor.

    From the time it started, it has been operated under a single ownership and has provided a lot in different aspects to student’s convenience. Our language school has a lot of advantages due to its connections in Iloilo.

  • 04

    We operate our language school and dormitory in a new condominium in one.

    In 2019, the school moved to a new condominium and newly purchased equipment such as air conditioners, water heaters, spring beds, desks etc. were installed. A more pleasant environment has been provided.