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  • Necessities to be prepared. Most items are available locally in the Philippines. Our language school doesn’t provide hotel like services (toiletries ,towels, toilet papers, etc.) it simply runs as a dormitory.

  • Korean food is locally available anywhere in the Philippines.

  • From November to February, incoming students are advised to bring with them thin, long sleeved shirts which can be used in the rainy, chilly time of the day.

  • It’s rainy in the months of June to September, so bring your umbrella, or be sure to have with you in your carrier if not, you can buy it locally.

  • It’s a good idea to prepare any easy English Grammar book that comes in handy and after class you can use it as a supplementary guide for the grammar parts that are easy to understand with the ones in Korean.

  • Wi-Fi is also very popular in the Philippines, so you don’tneed toapply for extra roamingconnection when you leave. You can use it here as a local sim line, and we have a Wi-Fi system of our own.

  • If you bring an overseas debit card, you can withdraw money from the ATM Machine near the academy. I recommend this method because it is more beneficial in terms of exchange rate compared in Korea.